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26 Jan 2024

Sustainable Frozen Food

Tioga Foods Stand: 4546
Sustainable Frozen Food

Sustainable frozen foods


Tioga Foods is a new player in the UK frozen food market, importing a range of foods from Turkey and abroad.


Tioga Foods was founded in May 2021 yet Managing Director Murat Bayizit has almost 20 years’ experience in the frozen food industry in Turkey. Tioga will be the bridge between the UK market and Turkey.


The company is named after the tioga strawberry (Fragaria x ananassa) which is grown in Turkey that this is the best-known strawberry in the food industry “because of its very rich taste, aroma, and smells.”


Tioga contracts with farmers directly, ensuring control of raw materials in terms of both quantity and quality. Such tight connection means less food waste as quality control standards are enforced at the point of production. Tioga works with factories in Turkey to process the food, then imports it into the United Kingdom with a current capacity of 10,000 tonnes per year.


Tioga primarily supplies the industrial and food service segments of the frozen food industry. Green, red and yellow peppers as Tioga’s main product, but the available range includes onions, broccoli, spinach, cabbage and more.


For a company proudly named after a strawberry, Tioga naturally imports a range of fruits, with berries such as strawberry, raspberry, blackberry and blueberry topping the list. These fruits end up in ready meals, jams, and assorted toppings for the bakery industry. Tioga also imports black figs and black cherries along with segmented oranges and mandarins.


Think frozen with Tioga


Tioga is investing heavily in marketing in its drive to become a leading company in the market. Within the next four years, the company’s plans include a cold store and expanded UK distribution channels. Tioga’s primary goal “to be a sustainable, reliable and respectful supplier of frozen food in the UK.” 

Tioga’s plans also include innovating within the frozen food market. The intention is to supply frozen vegan products, frozen herbs, ready-to-eat meals and a range of luxury products in 2022 alone.

An essential component of Tioga’s business model is a warm relationship with both clients and suppliers. Tioga intends to forge strong links with UK clients as it is a British company based in Rickmansworth, London. 


Topics such as carbon footprint, food waste and the clear origin of foods are key features of the Tioga brand, ensuring it has a promising future in the UK frozen food industry. 


“Sustainability is responsibility,” 

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