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This Operations Manual is here to help you organise your stand.

Whatever your plans for your stand, please take time to have a look over the Order Forms & Deadlines Checklist as this will summarise what information you need to send to whom, by which date. This list is very important, as some external suppliers will add on surcharges for late orders.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact Beth Duffield on


We look forward to working with you towards a successful Specialty & Fine Food Fair 2022.



Emma, Louisa, and Beth work closely as a team to give you any advice or support you need to make organising your stand as simple and effective as possible. This will cover questions on Health & Safety, Food Sampling, your Shell Scheme, the Venue, Build Up, etc. They are also responsible for Health and Safety, managing the official contractors, consulting with the venue, and organizing the infrastructure that goes in to creating the whole environment on-site at the event. Hopefully, you can find the information you need in other sections of this manual but if not please contact them. If they don’t know the answer, they will know someone who does.


Nicky Woods

Meet Nicola Woods
Event Manager

+44(0)20 7886 3062

Nicola oversees the strategic development of the show. (You may also have booked your stand with Nicola). She researches and discuss’ the latest trends, talks to exhibitors, visitors, and industry influencers to make sure the show works effectively for exhibitors and visitors. She also works closely with the rest of the team, to make sure the show delivers not only on the day, but also any pre-show events, check out what she’s already been up to with the Marketing Team.




Meet Isabelle McKeever
Commercial Executive

+44 (0)207 886 3079  

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Meet Dermot O‘Brien
Commercial Lead
+44(0)207 886 3026


It’s not just about selling stands. Isabelle and Dermot help UK companies understand if Speciality and Fine Food Fair is the right show to help build their business. Then of course making sure they choose the right stand to fulfil their objectives.


James Murray

Meet James Murray
International Sales Director

+44 (0)20 7886 3094

James is an expert at collaborating with overseas companies interested in exhibiting. This means working with Country Pavilion Organisers or companies who want to book independently always ensuring they have all the information they need to make informed decisions.

Mady and Amy’s main focus is to get all the top industry buyers to the show so you can introduce them to your amazing products! They do this through our website, creating relationships with media & industry partners, emails to our database, social content across our channels, press releases and much more. They also help support the sales team with any sponsorship packages exhibitors have. They are always on the search for content to shout about so if you have an exciting or new product then please get in touch.


Phoebe Dunn

Content Manager
Phoebe Dunn
+44 (0)20 7886 3066

Phoebe and Annabel are responsible for curating innovative content programmes which are truly relevant and educational for the industry. Combining knowledge of events and passion for the industry, they bring together thought-leaders, innovators, and pioneers to deliver programmes designed to educate, engage, and inspire.

Nicola Macdonald

PR Director
Nicola Macdonald
+44 (0)20 7886 3002

Nicola looks out for the latest trends and debates shaking up the food, drink, and hospitality sectors, and loves coming across genuinely different and inspiring ideas. She has a background in both journalism and PR, meaning she prioritises writing informative and relevant content for our shows and partners. If you've got some news to shout about then get in touch!

Meet Stavy Tedesco
Accounts Queries
+44 (0)207 886 3103

If you have queries regarding your payments or need a copy of your invoice, then please get in touch Stavy.

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