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Alma Seges Pumpkin Cream PIZZA

ALMA SEGES Stand: 2011j

Today we will take you to discover a delicious delicacy: Pizza with Pumpkin Cream. This dish is a true hymn to the typical flavors of Campania and its popular tradition. It is an ancient recipe, handed down from generation to generation in the countryside, which has won the hearts of many for its simplicity and irresistible flavour.

We will guide you step by step in preparing this autumn pizza. Its robustness and the appetizing taste of pumpkin cream make it perfect for cool autumn days.
The best thing? It's incredibly easy and quick to prepare!

Even beginners in the kitchen can follow it without any problems. Preparation time is just 60 minutes, while cooking takes just 15 minutes at a temperature of 250 degrees in a home oven.

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