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09 Feb 2024

Chai Karak


What is the story behind ‘Chai Karak’? The term ‘Chai Karak’ originates from India, where it stands for ‘Strong Tea’ in India Urdu. Chai Karak is the staple beverage across India and due to its invigorating flavour and taste. The intensive trade relations between India and the Gulf countries through the years has made Chai Karak a staple drink on both sides of the Arabian Sea. This is how Chai Karak evolved into a hot beverage that is now part of their everyday life. Essence of Senso Chai Karak with Various Flavors The Beauty of Real Chai Karak Lies in its unique brewing and making process. Chai Karak is made from 100% Natural tea without any preservatives and artificial flavors. Senso Authentic Chai Karak is Available in a variety of magical flavors such as Green Cardamom, Stronger Ginger, Smoothing Saffron, Refreshing Masala and Many More....

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