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29 Jan 2024

Serendib Global Foods Company Profile


Serendib Global Foods Ltd stands as a culinary mosaic, offering over a thousand carefully selected multicultural food products accompanied by high-resolution images. Our journey has been marked by resilience, collaboration, and a commitment to delivering the finest quality to the multicultural market in the UK. The years 2018 and 2019 posed formidable challenges, but through unwavering dedication from both our suppliers and customers, we not only reached our set targets but celebrated our successes with pride. As we forge ahead into 2020, the looming specter of Brexit and its implications on the demand and supply dynamics of the UK fine food sector takes center stage. Brexit ushers in a new era of trade relations with the EU, potentially reshaping our buying and selling systems. Over half of our product range originates from the EU, and while change is expected, our spirit remains undaunted. With a positive outlook, we aim to transcend barriers and cultivate new opportunities on the horizon. Our strategy for 2020 is grounded in simplicity: tirelessly retaining our existing customer base while exploring fresh global markets for British products. While currency fluctuations may introduce pricing variability, our optimism remains steadfast. The world has evolved, reshaping shopping habits, and fueling a technological revolution. Customers have become savvier and resourceful, making decisions influenced by more than just fancy advertisements, competitive prices, or past experiences. In this era, customers wield the power to compare and select the best combination of branded and non-branded products from a vast array of substitutes. Our strength lies in our adeptness at identifying emerging market trends and selecting the right products, suppliers, and market segments to maintain our competitiveness in the multicultural market in the United Kingdom. Recent additions such as Gullon Sugar-Free Biscuits and the Wedel Polish Chocolates range are poised to boost our sales in the new year. Reflecting on our achievements over the past year, our expansion into the wholesale sector has been nothing short of phenomenal. We've emerged as a dominant player in wholesale cash & carry and delivered wholesalers in London for select brands. Our reach extends beyond the UK, as we now export to France, Germany, Belgium, and Italy. Our transition into online sales has been a triumphant milestone, providing accessibility to customers who couldn't previously reach us, allowing them to savor our exclusive products at competitive prices. In Serendib Global Foods Ltd, our bedrock is built on loyalty, ethics, professionalism, and dedication to service. Collaboration with a team of professional suppliers and buyers has heightened our system's productivity and responsiveness, ensuring we meet evolving customer demands at the highest standard. Our journey also includes the creation of our own brands, such as Y-go Y-go, Gallacto, Hotatoes, and Mr. P's Bubble Tea. Y-go Y-go, in particular, has captured the hearts of many, offering a tantalizing taste of Thailand with our unique fruit juices infused with nata de coco jelly pieces, an experience that leaves taste buds tingling with joy. In closing, we express our heartfelt gratitude for your continuous support on behalf of Serendib Global Foods Ltd. We eagerly anticipate a productive year ahead, marked by new horizons and shared success stories. Together, we shall achieve our targets and continue to enrich the culinary tapestry of the UK's multicultural market. Certainly! Please provide the website link and social media links where customers and interested individuals can follow Serendib Global Foods Ltd for updates and information.

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