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16 Sep 2021


SS Taris Incir Tskb (Taris Fig Union) Stand: 1931f

Fig,  a miracle of mother nature…

For centuries It is known that the fig fruit,  is accepted as a symbol of productivity in ancient Greek and Egyptian civilizations.Fig having roots in Anatolia is as  old as humanity, and known as  the oldest fruit among the others.

In Turkey, forming the base of cooperative industry and have roots dated back to 1915, Taris Figs Agricultural Sales Cooperatives Union, has an outstanding and honorable position in terms of the historical development of cooperatives. Due to the special fertilization and distinctive drying conditions, dried fig production is located in the Aegean region of the Buyuk Menderes and Kucuk Menderes areas.There are 13 cooperatives and nearly 5000 member growers of the Taris Fig Union in the region.

Taris Fig Union, which contributes mainly to the national economy by protecting the producers' great efforts, has been working on providing the member growers with the most appropriate data regarding their production, presenting the developments in terms of production, phytosanitary, productivity, quality and legislation to the knowledge of the producer, increasing the yield and quality during the production and processing phase, introduction of technologies, developing by-products related to dried figs, and product diversification phases.

The Fig Processing and Storage Facility, which is established on a land of 60.000 m², has a closed area of 43.000 m²,by having a storage capacity of 12,000 tons per year, and 15,000 tons of dried fig processing capacity per year is one of the largest fig facilities in the world.

Taris Fig Union produces natural and healthy products  under the assurance of TS EN ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System, TS EN ISO 9001 Quality Management System, Halal, Kosher, BRC and IFS Food Certificates, and exports its products to many countries around the world.

In order to maintain the sustainable quality and reliability of the Taris and Intasko brands in the domestic and foreign markets,  Taris Fig Union continuously strenghts its production conditions with technological equipment for the development of hygiene and quality standards for customer satisfaction.

Figs which are consolidated from the member growers are produced with human labor, great efforts and ultimate care throughout a year and are subjected to expertise in the Taris Fig Union Cooperatives’ quality standards. For the ease of traceability, each case of dried frigs have codes that include information regarding the manufacturer partner’s number, quantity, product quality and cooperative name.

In this way, dried figs which are collected  from cooperatives are processed in Germencik Fig Processing and Storage Facility.










Dried figs which are  accepted to the facility are then fumigated in special sealed rooms. With the fumigation process, all kinds of foreign matters that may have contaminated  from the garden are prevented.

Pressurized carbon dioxide tanks are used for fumigation of organic products.

Fumigated dried figs, are subjected to be processed on shaking line, where the foreign matter, sour, moldy, sunburned, cleft, crack, and insect damaged figs are sorted out after pre-aflatoxin control.

Dried figs, which will be stored for a long time depending on the delivery deadline, are stored in our own cold air storages at appropriate temperature and humidity values in order to prevent loss of quality, others are taken to the raw material storage area.

Dried figs are passed through the aflatoxin sorting machine before being put into production, and the contaminated figs with aflatoxins are separated with the help of laser. Clean figs passed through the machine are subjected to aflatoxin control for the second time under ultraviolet lamps.

Dried figs, after the aflatoxin control is completed, are taken to the washing process first and then to the resting area.

Washed dried frigs are then taken to the production area for processing according to preferably customer demands.

Our dried figs are processed in accordance with TS 541 Dried Fig Standard and customer specifications and are compatible to moisture and microbiology analysis in the quality control laboratory.

Dried figs are then transformed into fig paste (to be used as an ingredient in jam, biscuit, confectionery,chocolate breakfast cereal or to be used in yoghurt industry) by passing through different production stages in our business.

In order to diversify the product range, our union produces also delights in our facility with figs using natural sugar, and our figs and fruit flavored delights that appeals to different tastes are presented as well to our consumers with the quality of Taris Fig Union. We also supply dried apricots as sun dried or sulfured, croquants (roasted nuts) and fig jams with different flavours with the contracting companies for our customers with TARIS quality and commitment.

Our figs are processed in different production types and production lines, such as diced figs or sliced figs, and dried figs are sorted out from possible foreign matters which are controlled by X-Ray machines, either as a whole, diced or sliced forms.

Samples are taken among the processed product prior to packaging stage by the Official Authorities and produced goods  are then analyzed and prepared for shipment.






Passed through metal detectors, packed products  are prepared for shipment after  by being subjected to vacuum fumigation process, which is effective in all stages of egg, larva in order to reduce the risk of possible living pests to zero.

Our union, which has an environmentally friendly production approach, employs renewable energy and uses the Solar Energy System with 500 KWP Grid-Mounted Roof Installation designed for the Germencik Fig Processing and Storage Facility.

As a second field of business Taris Fig Union Union Cologne Factory, which is launched in 1972, proceeds its activities in its Aydin Ortaklar Organized Industrial Zone, which was equipped with modern technology systems in 2018.

In our eau de cologne factory, besides the classic Taris Fig Union lemon cologne, which has proven its quality for many decades, product diversification has been made. Production in different essences and packaging types such as lavender, tobacco, olive flower, green tea, mandarine, fig and shaving cologne are produced and presented to our valuable consumers.

Taris Fig Union, which is ranked 1st in the world  contributes to the International  Dried Frig production which has numerous benefits for health, provides healthy products in the quality of the Taris Fig Unity it services to its consumers with its strength, knowledge and experience for more than a century.                                      

From producer to end consumer, with  Taris Figs Union reliability for more than a century.                                                                                                                  


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