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20 Dec 2023


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Actiph Water is Europe's leading alkaline ionised water, founded by 7 time Guinness World Record holder and ultra endurance athlete Jamie Douglas Hamilton.

Jamie's experiences during these record-breaking rowing expeditions sparked a keen interest in hydration and nutrition, taking him on a worldwide research mission. In Japan he discovered ionised water, which had been approved by the Ministry of Health in the 60s for people with digestives ailments, and was known and consumed across the country due to its wide range of benefits. 

Now one of the biggest beverage trends in the world, alkaline water has been making a splash and attracting the attention of notable consumers, including NFL players, Olympians, Beyonce and more!

Alkaline water is one of the fastest growing beverage trends in the world, forecast to be worth $4.3bn globally by 2023 and contributing to incremental sales for retailers.


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