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31 Jan 2024

Easy Red Ginseng Gold

GINLAC KUAN Stand: 2214
  • Easy Red Ginseng Gold
  • Easy Red Ginseng Gold
Easy Red Ginseng Gold Easy Red Ginseng Gold

Ingredients: 100% pure red ginseng extract (0,5 g / 10 ml) 5%, water

Total content of active ingredients (ginsenosides): 70mg/g, Rg1, Rb1 a Rg3: 6mg/g

Content: 10 x 10ml (100ml); 100 x 10ml (1000ml)

Recommended intake: Take 1-3 pouches per day.

Health Functions:  Supports the immune system, regulates the blood pressure, reduces the level of blood sugar and cholesterol , supports brain activity and improves memory, works against fatigue and stress, increases potency and sexual fitness, reduces unwanted symptoms of menopause, has antioxidant effects, reduces alcohol in the blood, is the most effective adaptogen, protects the organism against civilization diseases.


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