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Moutai 1935

Kweichow Moutai Stand: 5001
Jazz Trading (London) Limited

Moutai 1935 is a mid-range product from Guizhou Moutai Liquor Co. The origin of the design is written on the back of the bottle, and this liquor commemorates Moutai’s predecessor, the Burning House, which won a special prize at the Southwest Provinces Materials Exhibition, in order to pass on the heritage of Moutai and remember the historical classics. This product is made from high quality local sorghum and wheat, with water from the Chishui River, a river of fine Chinese spirits, and strictly adheres to the traditional brewing process of making the liquor at the Dragon Boat Festival, feeding it at the Chongyang Festival, steaming it nine times, fermenting it eight times, extracting it seven times during the brewing period, storing it in fractions and blending it for a one-year production cycle, and then storing it in Moutai’s unique cellar for five years before packaging it for delivery.


  • Spirits & liquers
  • Ambient
  • Asian

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