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27 Feb 2024

SALSA Scheme Overview

SALSA Food Stand: 381k
Jacqueline Slatter

The SALSA scheme has been set up by and for the industry, to provide an audit that is affordable, appropriate and proportionate to the activities of smaller suppliers. It is recognised as the food safety certification scheme for the UKs smaller producers.

SALSA is a membership scheme - not just a Standard - providing support structure for Members with integrated guidance, advice and training services.

The SALSA Food standard is the most widely used for manufacturing businesses who are based in the UK and operate from a commercial premises. The Broker Storage & Distribution standard is applicable to non-manufacturing suppliers such as Wholesalers or Brokerage businesses.

Launched in 2007 following small producer demands for a more appropriate entry-level scheme. Self-funding, SALSA is a not-for-profit organisation intended to be affordable for smaller businesses​.  The scheme was founded by three of the main trade associations representing the UK food chain, the NFU, FDF and UK Hospitality with the IFST overseeing the running of the Scheme. IFST also runs the professional register that verifies the competence of SALSA Auditors & Mentors.​

Written by food safety experts, SALSA is a robust and effective food safety certification scheme which is appropriate for smaller food producers and processers. The SALSA Standard requires a documented HACCP system (based on Codex Alimentarius HACCP principles), supplier approval, product safety, traceability, good manufacturing practices and a food safety culture with continuous improvement.

Registration as a member on the website gives access to:

  • Comprehensive Guidance Notes
  • Library of Tools and tips
  • Pre-audit checklist
  • Reduced cost training courses hosted by food industry experts – HACCP, Food Labelling, Allergens and Microbiology.
  • Telephone Helpline – 01295 455 570

On joining SALSA, you will be asked to complete a member profile. The SALSA Directory is used by over 1800 registered buyers and serves as a UK wide directory for food and drink producers. Log in at to join.


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