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Sustainability trends in the retail sector with Charles Banks

thefoodpeople's Charles Banks takes a deep dive into the most important sustainability trends in food & drink retail, as consumer behaviour, industry and policy come together to avert climate catastrophe.


  • Charles Banks, Director and Co-Founder - thefoodpeople

Old habits die hard: Helping consumers switch to reuse and refill

IGD Shopper Insight Manager Dan Gillet examines consumer attitudes towards reuse and refill, how stores globally and in the UK are navigating this method of shopping and what more can be done to encourage buy-in from customers.


  • Dan Gillett, Shopper Insight Manager - IGD


The road to net zero: How can we achieve greater sustainability in food & drink?

Not sure where to begin with decarbonising your operations? Concerned about food waste within the industry but don't know how to help reduce it? Join this session as our panel of experts discuss the impact of GHG emissions and what action is needed to reach agreed industry pledges.

Host: Emma Piercy, Head of Climate Change and Energy Policy - FDF


  • James Persad, Head of Marketing and Communications - FareShare
  • Dr Emma Keller, Head of Sustainability - Nestle
  • Dr Stephen Mackenzie, Greenhouse Gases Specialist (Food) - WRAP
  • Adam Baisley, Chief Commercial Officer - Olleco

Futureproof: The industry's fight for genuine sustainability

Certified B Corporation has become a trusted marker of a sustainable business. But what does it take for food & drink suppliers to achieve this certification, and how can retailers and wholesalers best highlight these products? This panel, hosted by consultancy HRA Global, takes a look at the industry's journey to measuring sustainable business practices.

Host: Hamish Renton, Managing Director - HRA Global


  • Tim Etherington-Judge, Co-founder - Avallen Spirits
  • John Steel, CEO - Cafedirect

Changing consumer behaviours

As consumer demands continue to shift towards healthy, natural products, IGD takes a look at how retailers can steer customers towards healthier choices in-store.


  • Cathy Capelin, Head of Health and Sustainable Consumption - IGD

Choosing Substitutes: The rising tide of non-animal proteins

This insightful presentation from market research specialist Euromonitor examines the growth of non-animal proteins, consumer attitudes to these products and how issues like sustainability and food safety might help this new category evolve.


  • Margaux Laine, Senior Analyst - Euromonitor

You can download the presentation here.

Co-op looks to the future of food & drink retail

Retail Week's Luke Tugby sits down with Chris Conway, Head of eCommerce at Co-op, to reflect on how the past two years have transformed the world of food & drink, and how major supermarket chains are working with speedy delivery services and new tech brands to meet rapidly evolving customer expectations.

Plus, during a challenging time for many consumers, this conversation will examine how sustainability can remain top of the agenda for food & drink retail without compromising product value and customer experience. 

Host: Luke Tugby, Editor - Retail Week


  • Chris Conway, Ecommerce Director - Co-op

Where next for sustainable packaging?

Packaging, perhaps more than most sectors, has had to confront the issue of sustainability head on. In this session, we take a look at some of the latest developments in sustainable packaging solutions and how to translate sometimes complex calculations into consistent and accurate consumer messaging.

Host: David Harding-Brown, Founder Partner - The Packaging Collective


  • Andy Sweetman, Sales and Marketing Director - Futamura
  • Hugh Lewis, Head of Proposition Strategy - Gousto
  • James Wallace, UK Sales Manager - BioPak UK

What are the packaging trends set to define 2022 and beyond?

In this insightful presentation, FMCG Gurus will reveal some of the major trends in the world of food & drink packaging, with a focus on sustainability and ensuring an ethical and eco-friendly supply chain.


  • Will Cowling, Marketing Manager - FMCG Gurus

Compostable packaging - next generation of food packaging

The food industry is the number one contributor to plastic waste.

Taking the example of an orange peel, TIPA developed flexible packaging that on one hand is fully compostable and at the same time mimics conventional plastic. Learn how your next packaging can minimize food waste while choosing materials that benefit our ecosystems.


  • Gary Tee, Regional Sales Director - TIPA Compostable Packaging

Is technology the route to a more sustainable future?

Industry professionals are working tirelessly to implement sustainable practices throughout the food & drink supply chain. In this session Danny Bayliss of Campden BRI runs through some of the ways in which technology can streamline and improve the manufacturing process.


  • Danny Bayliss, New technology research manager - Campden BRI

Culture shift: are lab-grown products the future of food?

Precision fermentation. Biomass fermentation. Cultivated meat. We're reaching a point in the history of our industry where meat and dairy products can be created to a high standard without the need to raise and farm animals. These products will undeniably have a part to play in the future of food, but what will this mean in practice? And, more importantly, what do consumers think?

Host: Emma Osborne, CEO - Citizen Kind


  • Leo Groenewegen, Co-founder and CEO - Cellularevolution
  • Eva Sommer, CEO and Founder - Fermify
  • Alan Ivan Ramos, Founder & CEO - Libre Foods
  • Marco Delise, Innovation Lead - Better Dairy

Vegan manufacturing in its purest form

Should vegan products be manufactured in a solely in vegan factories? As vegan products increase in popularity this star-studded industry panel take a look at the manufacturing of these products and how they can best be produced ethically on a large scale.

Host: Matthew Glover, Managing Director - Veg Capital


  • Esther Pearson, Managing Director - Clive's Purely Plants
  • Scott McCulloch, Co- founder - The Vegan Kind
  • Charlie Fisher, Global R&D Director - Wicked Kitchen
  • Parm Bains, Co-founder - SHICKEN

Future Food Trend Tracker 2022

Key learnings and takeaways from thefoodpeople's future trend tracker to date, and a look forward as to what we can expect from 2022 in plant-based, sustainability and cuisine.


  • Charles Banks, Director and Co-Founder - thefoodpeople
  • Kelly Dowson, Managing Director - Food Innovation Solutions

Can your supply chain support the planet?

Regenerative agriculture is the new buzzword, but but how can it work with the food manufacturing sector for mutually beneficial results? In this session we'll learn about regenerative farming and hear from experts in the sector about the positive impact farming methods can have on wildlife, the planet and nature.

Host: Ben Summers, Sustainable Agriculture Manager - innocent drinks


  • Mark Machin, Supply Chain Development Manager - Soil Association
  • Glen Burrows, Co-founder and Creative Director - The Ethical Butcher
  • Diana Spellman, Founder - Partners in Purchasing

Finding success in vegan & plant-based

Vegan & plant-based is one of the most rapidly growing product categories in UK food & drink retail. This session will take a look at some of the most successful products in the space and how retailers and wholesalers can make their vegan & plant-based ranges a success.

Host: Louisianna Waring, Senior Insight and Policy Officer - Vegan Society


  • Rik Roberts, General Manager - Crackd
  • Ian Theasby, Founder - BOSH!
  • Henry Firth, Founder - BOSH!


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