The UK ran at a trade deficit of £597 billion worth of imported goods in the year 2020. Most predicted that the trade industry would suffer a great loss as a result of the global pandemic, however, the import of goods actually increased by £4.1 billion (3.6%) in the first quarter of 2021.

Trends across the pandemic saw influence in improved health and wellbeing lifestyles. The UK had an influx in fruit and vegetable purchases, with 45% of vegetables and 84% of fruits in the UK being imported goods, providing an increased opportunity for sale in the trade industry.

With this consumer interest and trade increase, the International Pavilion Section at IFE provides the perfect platform to showcase your products to buyers specifically looking to source international products from a range of different countries.


£1.1 billion

Food and Drink imports to the UK from countries outside the EU valued at £1.1 billion in February 2021

£55,500 million

UK Imports are projected to reach around £55 million in 2022.


Increase on total goods imported into the UK for September 2021.

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The online resource for the food and drink community

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