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Sustainability is becoming as important as ever, and at IFE, we are committed to responsible environmental operations and event planning and as such commit to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and waste at the event. We are delighted to be working with the venue, contractors, and wonderful charity partners, City Harvest and Creating Nature's Corridors, as part of our journey to becoming more eco-conscious. The organisers, Montgomery Group, also have a Net Zero Carbon Pledge - click here to find out more. 

City Harvest

City Harvest is a surplus food redistribution charity, London's sustainable solution rescuing food, people, and the planet. They put surplus food to good use in a sustainable way by distributing it, for free, to 350+ charities, food banks, schools and community groups across every London borough that feed the growing number of people facing food poverty. We are proud to be working with them by donating all surplus food from the event so no food is wasted, plus the team volunteers at City Harvest on a regular basis to help prepare the food deliveries at the warehouse. 

Creating Nature's Corridors

Creating Nature's Corridors encourages biodiversity and carbon capture as well as creating an improved living environment for local communities by planting trees and hedges across the UK. Their aim is to plant over 10,000 trees/hedges per annum, starting with the least wooded areas of the country first. We are proud to support Creating Nature's Corridors by fund raising and sharing their initiatives.

IFE donated donated 4 tonnes of food - 15.5 tonnes of CO2 emissions prevented

At IFE 2023, we donated surplus food to City Harvest, which nourished thousands of people across London experiencing food poverty. Our partnership with City Harvest has allowed food companies to minimise waste in a sustainable way. 17 pallets of top quality produce from the exhibitors were rescued and was sorted and distributed to 350+ charity partners around London.

IFE and IFE Manufacturing will plant 378 trees

We will plant 378 trees to help rewild corridors of land across the UK. We are pleased to be working with Creating Nature's Corridors to do this and to help achieve their aim to plant over 10,000 trees/hedges across the UK per annum. 

Sustainable stand builds

We use modular shell scheme which has a life span of 15+ years, meaning they can be reused, and all aisle and shell scheme carpet is recycled within the UK. Also, this year, exhibitors are having to request 24hr power so that we can turn off unnecessary power (previously we have kept all power throughout). Plus, we only use LED lighting to reduce consumption and all lighting is switched off once the hall is closed. 

Sustainable show features

We are proud to be working with Full Circle Events & Exhibitions to contribute to our journey to becoming more sustainable. They constructed three zero-carbon show features out of recycled and recyclable materials at this year's event and we will reuse, repurpose, recycle and redesign the features year on year.

ExCeL London

As well as supporting five local charity partners, ExCeL have made amazing sustainability achievements from using 100% renewable energy, sending zero waste to landfill (and recycling 71% of it in 2021), and earning the 'Triple Crown of Sustainability'. They have also signed up to the Net Zero Carbon Events Pledge, committing to a 50% emissions reduction by 2030 and to become net zero by 2050. Visitors and exhibitors can also benefit from the free water refill stations available around the venue.

Sustainability & Waste Policy and Environmental Sustainability Policy

We produced a Sustainability & Waste Policy which is included in the operations zone and circulated with exhibitors more than 4 months out from the event to allow them to plan accordingly.

Our Environmental Sustainability Policy also outlines Montgomery Group's commitment to reducing Greenhouse Gas emissions and reducing our waste footprint, both within our organisation, and in the events we deliver. 


We are committed to mapping and reducing our carbon footprint across all Montgomery Shows. We are working with TRACE by isla, a collaborative workspace to estimate, measure and report the carbon impact our events. For more information please click here

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