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   What's Hot - Trends - 22-23 Report

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IFE is proud to partner with thefoodpeople to share this trends report with you. thefoodpeople are shifting the future of food and drink for all by working with Champions of Change who connect with the power of trends.

How? On trendhub, our online community platform, we leverage our unique IP and methodologies, we identify interconnected themes across multi-channels and categories, enabling you to seed the opportunities of tomorrow

Stimulate - We stimulate people and industry to inspire and inform, by bringing trend foresight to life.

Interpret - We interpret and distil thousands of data points turning knowledge into in-depth reports and articles, to create directional clarity.

Enable – We enable you to make transformational impact by identifying the trends of today and yesterday, to build opportunities for the future.

Turning today’s trends into tomorrow’s opportunities.

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The online resource for the food and drink community

The online resource for the food and drink community

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